Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 8 : May 24-30

I suppose, the eighth week was unusual for all participants. In fact it was divided into two parts. The first part was devoted to our PROJECT REPORT.
During two last weeks we had to write our project report draft and sent it due Wednesday to our partners for peer review. My partner in Bulent from Turkey, but we also exchanged our reports with Nadina from Romania. And I would like to thank them for their comments.

ABCD -objectives of my project:
During the preparation to the English school exam (C) students of the 9th grade (A) will create wikispace page and will work with the exam cards (reading, grammar, writing and speaking) with 100% accuracy.

The second part of the week we were speaking about learner autonomy and created lesson-plan for one-computer class.
At Nicenet I wrote the whole lesson-plan following the template, which was given us on the 4th week for the technology-enhanced lesson. It is a lesson about endangered animals for the 9th grade students. I took the article from scholastic news on-line magazine about pandaTai Shan.

As Wikipedia says, Tai Shan is the first panda cub born at the National Zoo to survive for more than a few days. During 4 years he lived in the USA and became a favourite animal for millions visitors of the Zoo. The special web camera was set in the cage of a small panda and everybody could watch video on-line. But according to agreement between China and the USA on February 4, Tai Shan left the National Zoo for his new home at Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya'an, Sichuan, China. Since December 2009 a lot of American newspapers, magazines and TV-programs were told about giant panda.

One more thing, which I have learnt this week. Every time, when I read Hala's blog, I admire with her pictures, which include topic of the week. I understood that she uses a great site for decoration of the pictures and creating photo frames .
Pictures in this post are made with help of this site. Thank you, Hala!!!

And, one more pleasure thing.
Well, I really like my job, I like kids and I like school, but ... Last bell and graduation ball are my favourite holidays at school!!! And this week we had both. On Thursday we said "Good bye, lessons" and on Friday was a ball for our 11th grade students and they said "Good bye, school ".
So, now I'll have more free time for finishing our course. From Monday I begin my work in the school summer camp for primary students - it will be fun.


  1. Dear Ruslana,

    so good school is over for you. I still have to wait 2 more weeks. But, this week starting tomorrow will be a togh one: I have to assess all my 12th graders - it's time for their final axam in English. I am scared about what's to happen.

    I have also attended the graduate's ball this week, for our 12th graders, and I had great time: I danced all night long, I still have some pain in my legs, but it will go by...

    Please, if possible, sent me your comments about my draft project as I need them to start working on my final version.

    I wish you all the best,

  2. Dear Ruslana,
    Congratulations for having much free time now!
    I too have reached the end of the path for this academic year. Great timing! I've just finished my PhD, finished putting the exams, will finish this course soon, marking will follow and in August I will give birth to a new baby!!WOW! What a fruitful year!!! Thank God!
    All the best,