Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week 6: May 10-16

This week was quite hard for me, such as I didn't know exactly what is ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT. But of course after reading articles about it in the Internet, it became clear, but still I have to tell about it to my colleagues. While I was looking for useful information, I found an interesting quotation about assessment:

"If assessment is to be a positive force in education, it must be implemented properly. It cannot be used to merely sort students or to criticize education. Its goals must be to improve education. Rather than 'teach to the test,' we must 'test what we teach.'"

Also, the information about different LEARNING STYLES was introduced me only a few months ago, so it was really great to read all post at nicenet about it and improve my knowledge . By the way, I’ve tested myself using Internet and now I know that I am the visual, interpersonal and physical person.

And, of course, creating RUBRIC was the most useful this week. I have created the rubric at I realize that I need to create rubrics for all activities which we do during lessons. Students have to know before the beginning of the unit what they have to know, what objectives and standards are involved and what they would be expected to perform.

One more very pleasant activity, which I was doing during this week, is creating the wiki-page for my 9th grade students – The main purpose of my wiki – is to help kids to prepare to their examination on the 14th of June. And I hope this page will became their home-page for the next month. They can edit it, add their own materials, translations if they need.
Yeah, this week sixth week was busy. Besides our course I have three my personal issues this week:

First of all, because it is almost the end of the school year in Ukraine, we finish school on the 27th of May. And, as usually, we have a lot of control-works and test, and you understand that the main problem of all tests is checking and evaluation.

Secondly, at the end of the school year we have different contests. This week, on Wednesday I was the so-coordinator of the quiz-program "The cleverest" and on Friday, my European club was held the show "School has the talant", where students from different classes sang, danced, recited own poem, played musical instruments. This show was dedicated to the European days in Ukraine.

And the third personal issue, on Saturday we went to the field-trip with our teachers. It was the hetman capital of Ukraine - Baturyn - and it was great.


  1. Dear Ruslana,

    This week I have problems with ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT too and I read some atrticles and just work it in my head. Then I thought we are using technology which gives us wide variety of alternatives for every thing. I like using technology and still learning every day.

    Regarding LERNING STYLES, I've attended some workshops before and I have a quite good knowledge about them, but I still like learning more about them

    All the best dear.

  2. Dear Ruslana,

    with time you will get used to the Alternative assessment, as we all do the same. Great Wiki - I am sure your students will find it useful and interesting.

    Next week we start our final examinations in English and I am pretty curious to see my students' progess after these weeks when I tried to implement technology in my classes.

    I wish you all the best,

  3. Hi Rusya,
    I've always known ur the best TEFL web-designer in the world.Thank u for helping me not being so comp "dunny" in US.I'm strongly convinced ur also contributing greatly to the professional development of ur international on line course partners.Looking 4ward to seeing u soon,