Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 7: May 17-23

Week 7.
I begin to worry about the end of our course. And the reason is not our project task, which we have to discuss with our partner - NO. The main reason of my sadness is - finishing of our course.

Every week so much new information, so much new ideas!!!

This week we spoke about the teaching of the large class. And it is not that large Ukrainian class, where we have about 25 students - NO. It is a really large class with 100 students. Of course, we understand that the main teaching method in such class will be lecture. But it should be not a sleepy lecture - NO - it should be INTERACTIVE.

This week I have known about one amazing method - Just-in-time Teaching.
Simply speaking it is a method when the teacher send some useful links or tests or other materials of the lecture before the class, and students come to the class knowing the topic of the lesson.
Here is video about “Just-in-time Teaching” by Karen Grove, San Francisco University (

Also I like the idea with small task, challenge at the end of the lesson on the note-cards, where she asks students questions relating to covered topics.

The next topic of the 7th week is INTERACTIVE Power Point Presentation. Everybody use PPT in teaching, it is very simple to present any information using it. We know that it is better to see then only listen to the material. If you are teacher you have to think about the visualisation of your words.
BUT have you known about 7x7 rule (7 words in 7 lines), or about the empty sheeet slide as a chance to focus more attention to the presenter and his/her words. Have you heard about the influence to the brain of different colours and size of fonts?
So, there are so much "secrets" about using Power Point.

By the way I have created my own Jeopardy game about the United KIngdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - and it was great to play with hyperlinks during work.

And the last, but not least thing this week - I have a new partner for peer review.

This is Bülent Alan from Turkey. He has been teaching for eleven years. He is an lecturer at a small university in the East of Turkey.He teaches English Grammar to the first grades,and likes to do it. Being with the young people makes his job more intresting. (from his introduction section in Nicenet at the beginning of our course ).
This is his blog:


  1. Dear Ruslana,

    Just in time is a good idea as students know what to expect from the lesson. However, I have never practiced it as I like to surpise my students, arise their interest in the new topic of the lesson and make them discover by themselves. Later, when the class is over, they have time to find as much as they want about the topic I introduced.

    Have you tried this? And if you have, how did it work?

    All the best,

  2. Hello, Nadina!

    Thank you for your comment.
    Of course, I didn't use "Just in time". I think it is not very appropriate to the secondary school, but we can use this methods, during speaking about some country-study questions.

    I think it will work!

    Best wishes, Ruslana

  3. Hello Ruslana,

    You have made a summary of the week.I want to thank you again for being my partner for peer review.I am looking forward to see your project report.