Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 5 : May 3-9

The end of the fifth week!!! Time, time, time… The speed of time is so high…

As for me, this week was one of the most interesting, such as it was a week of new productions.

Speaking about the project-work during the English lesson is not new for me, but I’ve read some really useful articles, which gave me more “food for my brain”. First of all, I tried to understand what is the difference between Project – Based and Problem-Based learning.

Secondly, I read about projects of “Fairytales” and “Cookery book”, which fit to my teaching style and to the level of my students.

And, the third point about PBL - there are different ways how to introduce a new project to students. Except the Power Point Presentation, brochure or just speech of the teacher, we can use the WebQuest.

In fact, WebQuest is an on-line instruction of the teacher, which consults students while they work with project. Teacher creates the instructions step by step and uploads different files, which can be helpful for students.

I’ve created my own WebQuest about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Also I have the idea to create another WebQuest about celebrating some controversial holidays, like Halloween or Thanksgiving day.

The most difficult for me this week was to write about potential changes. I like to build plans for future, but I understand that I am building my own headache, because my plans sometimes can be “crazy”. Anyway, I thought about blog for my 9th grade, which helps them to prepare to the examination, but…

After reading Prem’s post at nicenet, I wished to try wikispaces, and I liked it more than blog.

So, my second new production was - I really hope that my students will like it. We’ll see it next week.

So, see you next week!!!


  1. Hello Ruslana,

    you have done a great work this week: you were the first to finish your WebQuest (a very good product, actullay) which proved to be a great model for our colleagues. The theme you chose for it is very good, too and easy to put into practice.

    As for the Wikis, Prem is totally right: it's very useful. I have used one last autumn for my Celta course and it was great help. I have the user name and password and all the time I need something (lots of materials), I simply access them. yet, I think the blog is more popular and its interface is easier than the Wiki. I'd keep the Wiki for materials, not for posts.

    Keep up with the good work,

  2. Thanks, Nadina for your advise!
    Do you know, can blog be inside the wiki-space? I see, I have to do both!!!

  3. Hello Ruslana,

    I liked your WebQuest page.It was a good example.I hope I can create my own, I am still working on it.
    Thank you again for your comments and posts on nicenet.

    See you online.


  4. Dear Ruslana,

    I am not sure if you can integrate the blog within your wiki. You can add some other options, like chat, comments, a page for the materials you will use, a general presenation of everything you decide, but I am not sure about the blog. Maybe share the link to a blog.

    Best wishes,

  5. Hello Ruslana.

    What a great effort you have done. I like it very much. You are really a creative person. It can make a perfect model to folow.
    Wish you all the best.

    Asmaa, Oman.

  6. Dear Ruslana

    Congratulations on a very interesting webquest on Great Britain. I must thank you for sharing the link to Tom Hutchinson' book on project-based learning. I could understand why you printed five copies for your colleagues, it is an absolute treasure to be shared with educators.
    Thanks. Keep up with the work well done.

  7. Hi,

    I like your blog. It is full of useful information. Thanks for showing us the contrasting venn diagram about Problem and Project-Based Learning Approaches. It was great to see the similarities and differences about both approaches as well as their personal characteristics.