Monday, May 10, 2010

9th of May - Victory Day

Do you know? Do you remember? Do you think about?
9th of MAY 1945...
It was many years ago, but old lady, who lives next to our house, was the participant of that WAR!!!
She is still very active, she plants the flowers every spring, she digs the ground around the trees, she washes clothes herself and tidies her house - she is very active - maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, my students help her to plant the potato in the kitchen-garden and she always gives them some sweets, maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, on the Victory Day, I visit her with flowers, candies and mineral water, maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, we drink 20 gramms of vodka for all, who died during the WAR, maybe because she lives alone?!
As usually, she invites me to visit her next week, maybe because she lives alone?!....


  1. Hello Ruslana,

    I remember the story, and your leit-motif, "maybe because she lives alone" haunted my mind for a while. Even if I don't know this great lady personnally, I respect her, and you, and your students for what you do for her. I have a neighbour in the same condition, and I appreciate her very much for being so lively. I can't help her too much, not because I don't want to, but because she feels humiliated if she is offered help (mainly with her garden). From time to time, I visit her, we drink some coffee together, and I let her tell me (again and again) the story of her life.

    When I was younger and when Romania was a communist country, we used to celebrate 9th May - the Victory Day. I remember very few things about that day, maybe it was not as important as the 1st of May (Labour's Day) or 23rd August (Romania's National Day), when the streets were full of people in the "grand parade" for the "grand ruler" of the country.

    Since 1990, the holiday has changed: we celebrate no more Victory's Day, but Europe's Day. Schools are extremely active in this time of the year, and the EU Commission is very active too.

    Thanks for reminding me about this day... it seems so far away.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hello, Nadina!

    You know, we don't have the parade for the 1st of May -Labour's Day - now, but we have two rest days - 1st and 2nd of May. A lot of people even don't understand why - what is the reason of these free days. If the communist time has gone, so why do we still celebrate Labour Day?

    Another big celebration - is 9th of May. By the way you can watch some photos from the parade, I am sure they are the same as it was in Communist Romania - +

    As usually, a lot of students have a small vacation from 1st to 10 th of May - as a rule, they help parents to plant potato and work in the garden...

    And the DAy of Independence of Ukraine we celebrate almost together - on the 24th of August since 1991.

    And last 5-6 years we begin to celebrate the Day of Europe. In our school my European club organized European week - so as you see we are almost in Europe too !!!

    Well, I think our discussion is another idea for project about controversial holidays, do you agree?

    Thank you for comment,

  3. Dear Ruslana,

    Maybe I didn;t make myself understood: when Romania was a communist country, our National Day was on 23rd August, that is till 1989. From 1990, it is 1st December - the day Romania united, it became a large country (including Moldova, which is now separated, but that's another story).

    It's a great idea to work on a project on holidays. I have a similar experience with a school from Tehran, Iran and we were very surprised to find out that even if we are from totally different countries, many things are similar.

    If you like, we can work together on the project about controversial holidays. we can discuss about this, I agree.

    Good luck with your work,

  4. Hello, Nadina!
    I also agree, but next year!
    The end of our school year is on the 27th of May!!!!!!!

    Then we'll have an exams and the school camp for junior students - I am one of the coordinator there.

    But we can design WebQuest about holidays and create blog or wiki-page for discussion for the next year!!!
    And who knows, maybe we can find grant for exchange program and visit each other with our students!!!
    I know - it is a crazy idea, but we have to believe in miracles!!!

    Best wishes from Ukraine,

  5. Dear Ruslana,

    it's not at all a crazy idea. It's an idea which works, in my opinion. And of course, the project is for the coming school year, as we are on holiday in a month's time too. But, we should keep in mind this - it would be great to work together on something.

    All the best,

    Let's dooooooooooo it!!!!!!

  7. Hello Ruslana and Hello Brave people of Ukraine.
    I know.....
    I will never forget.......
    I will always think.......
    Happy victory Day..........
    I wish I could have 20 gramms of vodka with you too.