Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eurovision in OSLO - 2010

Hello, friends!

The best thing in our course is our diversity. We are so different, but at the same time we have a lot of things in common.
And one of them is Eurovision – the best song contest among European countries. During the week songs unite people from all the states of Europe.

The winner of Eurovision 2010 in Oslo became Lena from Germany with her song "Satellite"

As we know, among us we have some participants from European countries.

The second place in the contest took – Manga from Turkey - WE COULD BE THE SAME
Congratulation, Bulent!!!

The third place took Paula Seling & Ovi from Romania, with the song “Playing with fire”
Congratulation, Nadina!!!

Filipa Azevedo from Portugal with song "Há Dias Assim" took 18 th place
Congratulation, Susana !

And our Ukrainian Alyosha with song “Sweet People” took the 10th place.

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  1. Hello Ruslana,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful post.As you said we are different but we have a lot to share. I wish a world without boundaries and tears to everyone.

    See you online.