Friday, May 7, 2010

English lesson according to the lesson plan designed for the course

Last week I've created the lesson plan with technology for the 7th form. This week I tried to conduct the lesson according to my "Crazy idea".

Lesson Title: Shopping. At the shop.

Short Description of Lesson: In this lesson, the students will read the dialogues from the textbooks; they have to pay attention to the questions structures with the vocabulary connected with topic "Shopping". Also students will work with on-line crossword puzzle "Money". Then they will watch a role-play of the Japanese students "Let's go shopping" and after that in pairs they will create similar dialogues between shop –assistant and customer. During the presentations of the dialogues one of the students will shoot them with mobile-telephone camera.

ABCD –objectivesAfter reading dialogues from the textbook and watching video with the similar language structures about shopping (C) students of the 7th grade in pairs (A) will create their own dialogues "At the shop" at least 10 phrases each with 100% accuracy (D) and shoot them with mobile-phone camera (B).

Lesson plan
1. Warm-up activity
2. Game with a ball "Snowball" for rewiew different kinds of the shops. The teacher says : " I can buy bread at the baker shop". The next student has to repeat: "Ruslana can buy bread at the baker shop and I can buy meat at the butcher shop". And the third student says: "Ruslana can buy bread at the baker shop, Vlad can buy meat at the butcher shop and I can buy dress at the clothes shop" and so on
3. Checking homework- read only the dialogues from the text "Shopping in Great Britain" (during reading students have to pay attention to the question structures between shop-assistant and customer. Text contains some information about British pounds)
4. Solving on-line the crossword Puzzle "Money" (or do it in the worksheets)5. Watching 4-minutes video-clip of the Japanese students "Let's go shopping" (we don't have the stereo-system for all computers, so we were watching video from the teacher's computer )6. Splitting into pairs and writing own dialogues "At the shop" (Students can choose any shop and teacher gives the instructions and shares rubrics for creating dialogues)

7. Presenting of the pair-work and shooting it with mobile-phone camera. Teacher make comments in a funny way like in the TV-show and after each role-play everybody applause. (for the next lesson we had to make another video-shooting, because some problems with Izmail's telephone )


  1. It's great that you were able to share some videos of your students. You're careful to protect their identities online, right? In the US, we have to be very careful in schools about what we do with images and videos of those under 18 years old.

    I'm sure they were excited about being on YouTube!


  2. Yes, Deborah, of course, I am!

    Thanks for comment!