Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 4 - April 26 - May, 2

The fourth week almost has finished. And it was really busy for me and I think it was divided into two or even three different parts.
First, the beginning, was quite usual. I began to work with reading materials, which were proposed by Deborah and her assistant
Sueanne. The main topic of this week is using technologies for developing writing and reading skills. I have explored some sites which help to do it.
The best for me were : - English as second Language - Activities for ESL/EFL Students (English Study)

Besides I was surprised by the national curruculum and national standard of my country and other countries. We had a great discussion about this at nicenet. By the way, two last days I was at the seminar of British Council and I've met with one of the author of our national curriculum. And he said, that he is ashamed that he was in the group of creators of it. But from the other side he has the right to criticize it.Our national curriculum is a mix of curriculum, syllabus and state standard. But it has some real advantage of the prevoius one, such as it was build according to the Common European language framework, and based on Can/Do statement.

And actually my seminar in Kiev, it was a second part of my busy week. Our course of the Oregon university is my second on-line course. The first was "Teaching English for young learners", it was conducted by the British Council. There were participants from the countries which are situated around the Black Sea- Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan an
d Ukraine. During 12 weeks we had studied on-line 6 modules and the final face to face seminar for Ukrainian participants with Sertificate Awarding was held in Kiev - the capital of Ukraine. And this seminar was really helpful for summarizing of all information which we were taught.Besides, we had the oppotunity to visit the drama theatre (I love theatre, but such as I live in a small town we haven't even cinema in our town)

And the third part, of course, was Sunday. Such as I was out for almost three days I have a lot work - reading, writing, blogging and studing.


  1. I would like to congratulate you that inspite of your busy schedules you were still able to post nice discussions on net.
    I also find hard time to meet all my commitments and I am making sure that I can finish all the task being asked on us to cater other tasks assigned to me.

    More powers Ruslana... keep up the good work..

  2. Hello Ruslana,

    it's very good you had the chance of attending the seminar in Kiev. I consider them a good opportunity to share experience and best practices. All the time I attend one event like this, even on-line, I feel enriched and I become better at my teaching. I am glad you don't complain about lack of time and energy... that's good for you!

    I wish all the energy you need for keeping up the great work!


  3. Hi Ruslana,

    Thanks for your offer to help. I'll play around during this weekend and if I need any help, I'll let you know. I can see You've had a busier week than mine and you still managed to do all the tasks and discussion. good for you and keep it up. It's pleasure to have met you on this course.