Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week1: 5-11 April

Hello, all!
Do you remember your first feelings after the receiving of the Deborah’s letter about the beginning of the course? I was really happy!!!
I tried to do my best during the introduction week-
• I filled out the course survey on SurveyMonkey
• I posted my message to the forum about good discussion
• I compared two rubrics for good discussion and chose the best variant – the first
• Also I’ve created my own blog , actually I’ve made new design to my old blog, which was made during my study at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
• I wrote the introduction at It was interesting to read messages of the other participants, to compare their life stories with mine and was wondering about the varieties of the participants’ countries. For better memorizing I’ve created the Google map, where all the countries were marked. And it was a nice idea; Deborah also created the similar map. One of the tasks for introduction was to write the favorite quote or saying about teaching and technologies. All quotes were so interesting, that I’ve copied them and posted at my blog. But my favorite was Deborah’s quote from Ray Clifford:” Computers will not replace teachers, but teachers who know how to use computers will eventually replace those who do not”. I used it even for comment on Prem Phyak’s post at his blog . By the way, why did I choose his blog to write the comment (we have to write at least one comment a week for other blogs)? His thoughts about technologies were quite unusual for me – he doubted who has to use computers – teachers or technicians. I searched plenty sites about his country Nepal and felt in love in his mountainous country.
• We had to read some articles about blogging and write our thoughts about using blogs for learning and teaching English. Looking through some sites, I found a blog of Larry Ferlazzo, where he posted different tasks for his students, like creating flash-movie. So I tried to make a movie about blogging and post it on my blog.

Well, I believe that my knowledge of using technologies will increase in future and I ‘ll find really nice friends all over the world.

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