Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 3: April 19 - 25

Every week during our course is so productive and creative. The third week for me was a week of making my blog better! I've learned, at least, how to create additional pages at my blog (I've created three - About me, Course and Participants). Also I wanted to know how many people visit my blog and where are they from, so again, I've learned how to set the flag-counter and did it. And the last, I found how to make the time-line of the duration of our course. So, I can say about myself - not bad, continue to learn.
Besides, this week I have known about so useful site for bookmarking I began to bookmark as much sites as possible, but after reading Susana's blog from Portugal, I understood that I have to pay more attention to the tags of different sites. Tags should be very detailed and specific.
The next task for us was to tell about some sites which help us and our students to develop listening and speaking skills. It takes almost whole week to look through different useful sites, every day I found better and better pages, but ... my favourite became Randall's listening Lab, which provide every visitors with the best orginized listening tasks for any level of English or any topic .

And the third task of the third week was exploring the articles about CALL. At the beginning, I even didn't know what is it CALL, and I had to look for information at wikipedia. Also I've found some funny video about it at There are a lot of different movies about using technologies at school.
After that I read two articles which Deborah asked us to read. Yeah, this week we read a lot, I even printed articles and worked with them at school between the lessons, also I copied posts of our participants at nicenet and read them with textmarker in the hand. And only after that I wrote my second message to forum with explanation how technology could be helpful in improving students aural/oral skills.


  1. Hi Ruslana,
    I am following your Blog with great pleasure.You are doing quite fine at the course.Your bookmarks on delicious com are also helpful, I am going to recommend some of them to my students.



  2. Hi Ruslana,

    The first time i read CALL, I immediately said "What is that?" an overacting question but u know what i still don't bother figuring it out and I just focus on the question How technology can improve the oral and aural skills? and as i tried opening different related links, I saw the meaning of CALL and that's it! COMPUTER ASSISTED LANGUAGE LEARNING.Indeed it is the use of technology, CALL is a learning tool.

  3. Thank you friends for your comments!

  4. Congratulations Ruslana for the achievment you've done with your blog. It's really interesting. This is a thing I've been thinking about for some time but my schedule is really budy these days. Thank you for sharing ideas on how you made your blog looks better. I'll take ideas from you if you have no objection. But I will also be asking you about you managed to add some features. I only know the basics in blogging. Would you help?
    Thank a lot.

  5. Hello, Hamid and other participants who wants to add some pages to their blog!
    It is quite simple:
    1) sign in to your account at blogger
    2) click on CUSTOMIZE
    3) you will see the window with the structure of your blog
    4) In the left corner choose POSTING
    5) In the lower row you will see NEW POST, EDIT POST, EDIT PAGE, COMMENT MODERATION
    6) chose EDIT PAGES
    7) there you'll find the botton NEW PAGE - just click it and begin to write, insert pictures, video, etc.
    8) don't forget to save all changes

    I hope my instructions will help you

    Good luck,