Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My classroom

My classroom is on the third floor of our school. It is quite large. There are two windows, which make class really light. I've decorated windows with big flags from England, Scotland, Poland and the USA. (It is my new hobby to collect big flags of different countries, because I am the organizer of the school European club, and we use them for learning European geography) .
Walls in my class are blue and we have drown the maps of United Kingdom and the USA on the walls. We have a lot of flowers in the class. The chalkboard is brown and I have some other board for different posters or other advertisements.
There are four bookcases in my class and all of them are full of books, newspapers, folders with
papers, flash-cards, toys for learning communication and other materials.
From home I brought my own computer, printer and tape-recorder. And I can not even imagine my lesson without these device. I have a big collection of CDs and cassettes for listening and a lot of educational movies.
This year we decided to stand our 14 desks into three rows. But last year they were standing as a circus.


  1. What cute kids! Thanks for sharing the photos- it really makes the class come alive.


  2. Thank you, Deborah!
    It is my second grade (first year of English) - they are my big HOPE FOR FUTURE!!!