Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introduction week

Hello readers!
I've created this blog almost two years ago - actually 19 months ago. I was the participants of the TEA-2008 program. It is a program sponsored by the US government for the teachers from different countries. If you are interested, visit this site. During 6 weeks I
studied at UAH (University of Alabama in Hunstville). We were taught about problem-based learning. Also we had an internship at the Buckhorn High School.

After that terrific fall in Alabama my life has changed a lot. I hosted an American teacher Kate English (April 2009), I took part in two pre-departure orientations for teachers, who was going to the USA (July and November 2009) , I was the participant of t
he Alumni conference in Kyiv (September 2009) and I became the Teacher of a year - 2009 in our district. So I can say that year 2009 was really lucky for me.

And this new year 2010 prepared for me another surprise. This year gave me the oppotunity for self-education. From 15th of January to 10th of April I was the participant of the on-line course by British Council "Teaching English to Young Learners"

And now I have another American adventure - on-line course "Building teaching skills throught the Interactive Web".
I began to feel the atmosphere of the American University. From the beginning we introduced ourselves, established the rules of a good discussion, and created the rubrics for evaluation of our achievements.

Our tutor's name is Deborah Healey- University of Oregon, Linguistics Department, American English Institute. Her website:

What was new for me at our first week: using Nicenet
What I have already known : using Blogger
What I was wondering : there are teachers from different countries, from different continents. I even tried to create the Google-map of our participants
What did I like : quotes or sayings about technology and teaching (see the next post)


  1. Hi Ruslana,
    It was nice reading through your blog.
    Congrat's on ALL the good and happy things that happened to you in 2009. You are for sure deserve them;-)
    Gald to be with you in this course,

  2. Hello Ruslana, I enjoy reading your blog. With your past trainings and experiences, I am sure that we will learn a lot from you. I was inspired with all the wonderful things that u had experienced. Hope this online course will also open a new door of opportunities for all of us participants.Good luck to all of us.

  3. Hello Ruslana,
    I am really impressed by the bulk of your enterprises. I strongly believe that being active in various fields of science and social life presents a crucial feature of our profession.
    I couldn't resist to watch the short video by a Polish cabaret LIMO entitled HITLER. Three and a half minutes of laugh at how words work in different languages - perhaps we should add more of this into our classrooms to make them more lively?
    Greetings from sunny Cracow,