Thursday, April 22, 2010

Delicious bookmark

It is totally true, that every time after re-instalation of the computer system you always lost your favourite bookmarks. Thanks to this course and Deborah, of course, we've known about - the best bookmark site ever.

Now about my experience at this bookmark site:

Something was wrong with my computer, actually with Internet, so the most difficult for me was to create yahoo account; three times I filled the ID card.

Then the tool bar of was proposed me to install and, of course, I agreed. It’s really comfortable to have bookmark tool just in Mozilla Firefox.

And finally, I began to search some interesting sites connected with ESL, such as our task for this week is to find two or more sites for using in the class.

I was looking for bookmarks which have the biggest number of people, who saved this site at their own delicious page.

So, welcome to my page !


  1. Sorry, I've copied my post from

  2. Dear Ruslana,

    It's fine to copy your post from Nicenet - it's a way to find what you've written more easily after the end of the course. It's especially okay considering how much else you've done with your blog! Very impressive!