Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 2: April 12-18

Wow! What a week! The first week was really easy for me, but the second one….

At the beginning of the week I could understand only one task – to write the reflection at my personal blog and post some comment

s on another person’s blog. Well it was easy. Actually it has already become the habit to post something new on my blog. This week I copied two Power Point presentations from http://www about writing the learning objectives and educational values in a digital age. Also I posted the description of my classroom and added some pictures. In future, I want to create some movie-maker film or Picasa-album about my class.

The second task was to describe

a class which I currently teach and think it could benefit from a technology change. I choose my 9th grade, because they are the eldest of my students and they are preparing to exam of general English in two months. So, I think using technologies in this class will

be useful, especially using blogs (I want to make them to post the spea

king and writing tasks from the exam cards). I have already sent some messages to my students about their favorite films through network (it is something like Facebook, but on

ly for Russian-speaking people).

The third task was a little bit confusing for me. The worst thing in teaching for me is writing the

learners objectives for the lesson or unit or even thesemester. And Deborah asked us to write the learning objectives according to new ABCD model. I have never heard about it and tried to avoid this task till Thursday.But the devil is not so dark as it is drown (Ukrainian proverb)… After

reading some articles and messages of our participants I understood everything very clearly, Nadinna

was really right, when she wrote about it on herblog.

So, after two hours working in the WEB I wrote four excellent

(to my opinion) learning objectives for my topic in the 7th form abou

t “Shops and shopping”

And the last, the fourth task is to write two posts about web searching. I’ve posted only one message about searching engines YET. In fact, I just wrote about different advantages of GOOGLE, and was looking for some other search engine.

That’s all for now…See you later…


  1. Hi Ruslana


    I visited your blog for the first time today and I must tell you, I'm impressed! You have really done so much and your blogging skills are amazing! From simply visiting this blog I think your learners are very fortunate to have you as their teacher.

    I think I am going to follow you in the hope that I learn a lot more!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hello, Ruslana!

    I must agree with you - writing the objectives is a very difficult thing. I have never liked it - it's a chore I try to avoid as much as possible. But, you know, the ABCD model was even more difficult. But, I think the picture became clearer and our work is on the good track.

    I like your proverb about the devil - the same proverb is very frequent in Romania too. Maybe because we are neighbors?

    All the best,

  3. Thank you, friends for your kind words!