About me

At this page I am going to tell everything about me, my life, my family, my world....

 General information 

My name is Ruslana. My surname is Shamanska. I am 30 years old. I am from Ukraine. I was born in a small town Lubny (about 55 thousand people), but now I live in my husband's native town Hadiach (it is smaller - 25 thousand people).

I studied at the secondary school, then at the lyceum and after that at Poltava Pedagogical University during 1996-2001. My first specialization is  Ukrainian language and literature , second is English language and third is Foreign literature. 
Since 2001 I 've worked in Hadiach specialized school #4 as a teacher of English. 

My family

My family is not big. My father lives in Lubny, he is 59 and he is a pensioner, but my mother is not with us at this Earth  for more than 4 years. I have a brother, he lives in Moscow - the capital of Russia, he is a driver. His daughter Yulia, my niece is 20 and she lives in Dnipropetrovsk - one of the biggest cities in Ukraine. She works at the shop.
I am married. And I am the happiest wife in the world. My husband's name is Olexander - Sasha in a short form. He is 31 and he also a teacher of English in a village school. His parents live not far from us and help us a lot. And we do the same. Sasha has a brother Andrew, 28 years old and he is married with Olha, English teacher also. SO, as you see we have three teachers of English in our family.