Thursday, January 19, 2012

My student's VOKI

At the 11th grade we are studying topic "Science in our life".
One of the task for my students was to prepare report about any inventor.
Here is one of the work of my student Kate Shelyst

Story about Michael Faraday by Maryna Lukash from the 11a grade

Nadia's Blashkiv work

Natasha Kytsia

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to use comics in our class

Story-starter in 50 words

Second week has begun, so we have new tasks to do.

During this week, participants will 
  • explore some digital tools for writing in the classroom
  • see examples of how these writing tools can be used in the classroom for creative writing and research projects 
  • share ideas on how they would use those tools with their learners 
Task 1. 
Create story-starter in 50 words using three pictures.
Mavka was sitting on the rock.  On that day the sea was really crazy, so even she – the mermaid- was afraid to play in the water.  Roaring high waves were rolling on the shore beating it with great might.   Suddenly she noticed her favourite dolphin Lukas, and at the same moment Mavka understood, that he was in trouble. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Talking pets

I've tried new web tool. I think it is a great idea for the primary students, when they study topic "Animals"

Scholastic story starter

I've created this using  Scholastic story starter 

New ideas for lessons

Well, the first week of my on-line courses has already done. I am the participant of two courses at the same time, because it ws difficult to choose. Both of them are very similar, they introduce new web 2.0. tools for teaching and learning.
1. Digitall tools for classroom
2. Digital storytelling for young learners.

Such as I am very energetic crazy  person, I have a lot of ideas how to use my knowledge at school.

First of all, I have contacted with my friend from Kyrgyzstan Astra Shakenbaeva. We were together in the USA in 2008.  So we decided to do  some very simple  project with our primary students.
I've created wiki-page "English Bridge"  and we'll upload there works of our students. We don't know exactly which tools shall we use, but topics will be simple "Story about myself", "My family",  "My house", "My pets". And later we'll organise the Skype conference between our schools.
So, as you see - simple and quite quick.

And my second project is with students of my 8th class. We begin new topic at school "Mass Media", so it is understanable that we are going to create own newspaper. In fact, everybody has to create own blog, then write an article and after that we'll make one collaborative paper newspaper with articles. In fact blog will be e-portfolio of my students and they will add different digital products there.
I have created one more wiki-page "8v class" which will help me to coordinate work of my students. Hope everything will be OK.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Certificate about participation


It's been one month since 13/12/11, so today I've received  electronic certificate in appreciation of  my participation in the A Day in the Life of Ukraine project!  
 The Pease Corp Volunteer Melissa Krut organized the writing project. 
On the 13th of December people from all over Ukraine wrote about their day. What did they do, where did they go, whom did they meet....

Approximately 200 people of varying ages and backgrounds, from all across Ukraine, took part in this project. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Animoto introduction

And one more introduction.
This time I've used
It is a simple way to create video from your pictures. You can choose styles, can add text and music.
But using this tool is not free. For free you can create only very short video - 30 second.
Here is my example:

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.


Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.


My first creation with new tool -
It is really simple to create talking avatar using this site. You can choose any hero, any hair style, colour of the skin, clothes and even the voice of your hero. 
There are a lot of different pictures for  background, but I've uploaded the picture of my school from computer.
Now my blogs became really MINE.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello from moderators

I am starting a new on-line course. 
Here is a video-introduction of our moderators.
I am proud to see Nina Lyulkun from Ukraine among our tutors.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Новини методичного порталу

«Методичний портал»

EVO session Map

Просмотреть Georgina from Salta, Argentina на карте большего размера

EVO session 2012

A new year has become and a new on-line course has began too.  Among 14 different courses I've chosen "Digital Tools with Purpose in the classroom".  The main reason of my choice is my interest in CALL.
Besides I know personally some of our tutors. And the last but not the least reason- my New Year Resolution. It is my second EVO session and last year I didn't do my best, so I hope to study better this year. I try to keep my resolution. I try...