Saturday, October 1, 2011

New courses

I am here again.
 I was choosen to participate in on-line course of British Council about using technologies in the classroom.
Our first task was, of course, introduction. We had to answer three questions: what do we like and dislike about teaching, website that highlights our hobby and why we applied to this course.

Here is my introduction:
Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you a few words about myself. My name is Ruslana (I thought it's a rare name, but as you see we have two Ruslanas in our group). I have been working at Hadiach school #4 for 10 years, since my graduation to Poltava Pedagogical Universty, the Department of Ukrainian Philology. Honestly, for about 7-8 years, my motto was "My hobby is my job, and my job is my hobby", but last 2 or 3 years I understand that something wrong with our system of education. Something we do wrong. I love to work with kids, it helps me to feel life as it is - active, energetic and a bit crazy. But I hate school as an establishment with all documents and orders. I hate our Ukrainian textbooks of English language, so I try to find some other resources of information. That's why I use computer and web-technologies at my lessons quite often. And, of course, I am here, at this on-line course, because I want to improve my knowledge of using ICT during lessons and find some new ideas for my teaching of students and other teachers.
Well, as for website, that best highlights my favourite hobby... except,, facebook and I think - I spend a lot of time to find some new textbooks, books for reading, audio and video materials at this site. And, of course, I like British Council Kids.
Greetings from Hadiach,
Ruslana Shamanska

The next step was  to learn the ruler how to behave in the chat -room. It was an interesting quiz about  netiquette
Netiquette quiz I did not so good, my overall score was 80%. I didn't answer the question about flame - critics and being human during chat. I though I knew everything about rule of communication and didn't read the  The Core Rules of Netiquette  from the book Netiquetteby Virginia Shea.  And wasn't right. 
Also I read an interesting article devoted th the same problem - good behaving at the course.