Saturday, January 14, 2012

New ideas for lessons

Well, the first week of my on-line courses has already done. I am the participant of two courses at the same time, because it ws difficult to choose. Both of them are very similar, they introduce new web 2.0. tools for teaching and learning.
1. Digitall tools for classroom
2. Digital storytelling for young learners.

Such as I am very energetic crazy  person, I have a lot of ideas how to use my knowledge at school.

First of all, I have contacted with my friend from Kyrgyzstan Astra Shakenbaeva. We were together in the USA in 2008.  So we decided to do  some very simple  project with our primary students.
I've created wiki-page "English Bridge"  and we'll upload there works of our students. We don't know exactly which tools shall we use, but topics will be simple "Story about myself", "My family",  "My house", "My pets". And later we'll organise the Skype conference between our schools.
So, as you see - simple and quite quick.

And my second project is with students of my 8th class. We begin new topic at school "Mass Media", so it is understanable that we are going to create own newspaper. In fact, everybody has to create own blog, then write an article and after that we'll make one collaborative paper newspaper with articles. In fact blog will be e-portfolio of my students and they will add different digital products there.
I have created one more wiki-page "8v class" which will help me to coordinate work of my students. Hope everything will be OK.


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