Wednesday, January 4, 2012

EVO session 2012

A new year has become and a new on-line course has began too.  Among 14 different courses I've chosen "Digital Tools with Purpose in the classroom".  The main reason of my choice is my interest in CALL.
Besides I know personally some of our tutors. And the last but not the least reason- my New Year Resolution. It is my second EVO session and last year I didn't do my best, so I hope to study better this year. I try to keep my resolution. I try...

I am a simple teacher of English from a little Ukrainian town. I have been working at school for 10 years, but my real  life as a TEACHER began after participation at the TEA program of IREX, which is sponsored by the   American Government.

In autumn 2008 I spent 6 amazing  weeks at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA. And of course visiting of the USA was a great thing, but my life after program has became really changed.

    Hosting US teacher - 2009
    On-line course of British Council "Teaching of young learners" - 2009
    E-teacher scholarship course "Building teaching skills through the Interactive WEB" - 2010
    Small grant of IREX for the opening of resourse centre at conducting seminars there - 2010
    Small grant of IREX for creating "Healthy school" and implementation of the healthy-reserving technologies at school - 2011
    On-line course of British Council - 2011

And besides all of these numerous trainings and seminars, conferences and round tables, presentations and publications, on-line courses and webinars.

My life is very fast and  frankly speaking I am not sure is it positive or negative characteristic.

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