Thursday, June 10, 2010


10 weeks past...
Hundreds of new ideas, hundreds of new links, hundreds of the useful articles and hundred tons of positive emotions...

The most impressive for me during these ten weeks was our communication, sharing with our experience and full understanding each other.

We have known much interesting and useful information for changing our teaching style, for changing our lifes. We are here at the finish line, so we are the champions...

Piece of advice for my readers: it's never late to learn- if you, as a teacher, will learn and discover new horizonts, then your students will follow your example and develop students' autonomy


  1. Dear Ruslana,

    your movie is nice. Watching it, I felt as if we had been all in a real class. You had a great idea, once again!

    All the best,

  2. Dear Ruslana,

    I was touched by your movie... Nadina is right saying that we became a real class. It is the relationship and bonds that matter, not geographical distance.

    Hoping to keep in touch,


  3. I am truthfully hoping, Rusya, some of u will meet at the Summer Institute in the US as top -winners.

  4. Hello Ruslana,

    How wonderful is your movie, it brought me good memories. Thanks for putting everything in one place. I hope to continue our communication by the interactive web devices. Keep in touch.



  5. Thank you, my dear friends, for all your kind words. Movie MAker has been one of my favourite program for many years. I have made a lot of films during my teaching practice, I have some special about my trip to thr USA, so it was logically to create a small film about our project.
    And, as Tetyana said, I hope we'll meet in the USA next summer.

    With best wishes and love,